Johnstone Multimedia, a general partnership business between Tourine and Trevor Johnstone established in 2005, is a graphic design and photography company that specializes in design, invitations and photography for the creative client. The company’s focus is to personalize our clients needs: unique invitation design, websites and logos; an array of photography needs from engagements and weddings to intimate pregnancy and family photos; professional portfolios and product jackets. Johnstone Multimedia is a one-stop wedding shop for the bride and groom who desire a unique, custom designed wedding package with a combination of services, including announcements, invitations, and wedding photography.

Johnstone Multimedia is based in Reno, Nevada, serving the northern Nevada and California region with planned expansion to other areas. Designed to travel, our company is computer-based, utilizing all digital technology. Possessing a laptop and mobile equipment, Trevor and Tourine offer full service to clients in any locale. Through the use of computer internet service, and appointments designed to suit the client's availability, Johnstone Multimedia will accommodate the busiest schedule.

The services of Johnstone Multimedia are available year-round, seven days a week. Most services require an initial appointment, which can be scheduled up to a year in advance. For wedding and photography services, a two year calendar is available. The initial appointment will introduce the client's needs. After our initial meeting, depending on the client's choice of services, details and arrangements can be conducted via the internet, e-mail, and telephone.

Johnstone Multimedia originated from the idea that our partnership can tap into our unique, professional, and creative talents. Trevor, a graphic designer for the past six years, graduated from the University of Nevada Reno, with a degree in fine art. Tourine, an avid photographer for the past ten years, also earned her degree from the University of Nevada. In partnership as Johnstone Multimedia, we offer a unique line of services which combine personalized attention to client needs, graphic and artistic expertise, and high quality, innovative, affordable products.

Through our artistic eyes, we assist the client to bring to light the ideas envisioned for their product. Whether that is a personally designed invitation and photography package, or website that reflects a clients's vision, the ideas and direction of the client are realized by Johnstone Multimedia.


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